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Content From Episodes Released in 2024

Episode 33
Am I The Kyle? (Round 2)
*New Content*

Episode 32
Close Your Eyes and Draw Sh*t

Episode 31
Am I The Kyle? (Round 1)

Episode 13
Sexy Calls & New Years Resolutions

Episode 14
Ruined Surprises / Don't Trust B*tches!

Episode 15
Your Enemy's Worst Day in Hell

Episode 16
The Official Studio Tour

Episode 17
Kiwi Slang vs. New York Slang

Episode 18
Schoolyard Shenanigans

Episode 19
Toxic Traits / Evie Sidenote

Episode 20
Childhood Pranks / Ser*al K*ller Museum

Episode 21
Remember The Talk With Your Parents!?!

Episode 22
Pick Up Lines

Episode 23
Two Truths and a Lie (Part 1)

Episode 24
Try Not to Laugh Challenge (Part 2)

Episode 25
Reading Our DMs + Whisper Challenge

Episode 26
Red Flags in Relationships / Traumatic Experiences

Episode 27
One Thing You Could've Lived Without Knowing

Episode 28
What Will People Be Nostalgic For in 500 Years?

Episode 29
Blind Taste Test Challenge

Episode 30
Scariest Childhood Characters

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