Chapter 12 Part 5 | Main Event Kota

March 15, 2024. SmackDown. Bayley found herself a loyal flea in the recently returned Naomi who is desperately sucking any spotlight she can get from Bayley's brief moment in Damage CTRL's spotlight. Yes, Damage CTRL's spotlight. It was Dakota Kai and IYO SKY who made Bayley relevant since SummerSlam 2022. Bayley leeched off them and continues to even after her exile from Damage CTRL. At WrestleMania XL, IYO will put an end to Bayley's lechery.

Prior to Our Captain competing in her first ever SmackDown Main Event, Dakota Kai reminded everyone that Bayley herself brought about all that has happened to Bayley because of the way she treated Damage CTRL, including her jealously of IYO's success.

Dakota Kai unleashed hell on Bayley in a match years in the making, proving she was never the next Bayley because she's the first and only Dakota Kai. King Kota would selflessly sacrifice a more favorable outcome so IYO, Asuka and Kairi Sane could soften Bayley up for the championship match at WrestleMania XL. Naomi tried to intervene on Bayley's behalf, getting some of the same. The Ladies Magnificent ended SmackDown standing tall over the snake and her flea.

On The SmackDown LowDown, IYO and Dakota shared a beautiful moment before SKY challenged Naomi to a match. IYO will expose Naomi as an IYO SKY wannabe, just like Dakota exposed Bayley as the overrated failure she's always been by Bayley having another bust failing to defeat Kai by pin or submission.

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Additional Information | Bayley defeated Dakota Kai (7:33) by disqualification on the March 15, 2024 episode of SmackDown from FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee.

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