Chapter 13 Part 1 | Mission CTRL Statement

Damage CTRL were fated to return to Monday Night RAW and take the Women's World Championship from the woman whose words many months ago were part of the tapestry that set the current incarnation of the faction in motion. Becky Lynch's inspiring words to Dakota Kai and IYO SKY will poetically be her downfall. Lynch only spoke the truth: Kai and SKY were too good to play second fiddle to Bayley. But what Becky never grasped is Dakota and IYO are better than herself. Soon this all comes full circle with Becky losing the title to Damage CTRL.

May 6, 2024. Hartford, Connecticut. XL Center. Monday Night RAW. The 2024 Queen of the Ring Tournament had begun. IYO SKY won her first round match defeating Natalya. Asuka was set to compete in another first round match against Lyra Valkyria, however an injury removed The Living Legend from competition so Dakota Kai stepped in to take her place.

King Kota reminded everyone that back in 2022, Damage CTRL took over the RAW Women's Division when in their first outing as a faction they put Becky on the shelf for a time. Now they are back on the RAW roster, putting it once again on notice. Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill were warned to enjoy the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles while they can. This Mission CTRL Statement ended with Kai decreeing that after Becky and her charity case challenger Liv Morgan have their match, Damage CTRL are coming to take the Women's World Championship.

Later on that evening, Liv Morgan interrupted Becky Lynch's interview time. Just more of the same new normal from Olivia since she returned from injury. Whining like an entitled brat who thinks she's owed the world because of said injury. On the April 29 RAW, Becky promised Liv a title match even though Liv didn't earn it hence Liv being a charity case. It was barely a week according to exact hours yet Liv was already whining that she hadn't received the match Becky promised her. Becky revealed it would happen at King and Queen of the Ring on May 25, 2024.

Dakota along with IYO and Kairi Sane had enough of Liv whining so they came out to drop a truth bomb on her. Kai reminded Liv that she did nothing to earn her title match, unlike IYO and Dakota who were competing in the Queen of the Ring to actually earn something. But that was not the only reason they came to the ring. They wanted to remind Becky and Liv that it's Damage CTRL who run RAW. Just when it looked like Liv and Becky would briefly put their hostilities aside and fight side-by-side, Morgan ditched Lynch because this wasn't her fight.

Liv is an entitled brat but she did the smart thing leaving Becky for dead against Damage CTRL. Unfortunately, Becky would get backup from Lyra Valkyria who had been her pet since the two Irishwomen crossed paths in NXT back in 2023. Becky, IYO and Kairi would depart ringside after a scuffle. Dakota proceeded to battle Lyra in a 2024 Queen of the Ring First Round Match. Valkyria claims that in battle she channels the spirit of Irish deity The Morrigan who often takes the form of a crow/raven hence Dakota nicknaming her Bird Lady. I prefer Bird Brain.

Dakota brought the fight to Valkyria, however in the end unfortunately lost to Bird Brain. Our Captain would have brought prestige and respect to the Queen of the Ring mantle, unlike the previous and inaugural Queen. Oodles of noodles, what the heck was her name? It escapes me. Nevertheless, it's now up to IYO SKY to bring the Queen of the Ring mantle to Damage CTRL. King Kota and Queen IYO does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

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Additional Information | Lyra Valkyria defeated Dakota Kai (8:50) in a Queen of the Ring 2024 First Round Match on the May 6, 2024 Monday Night RAW from XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

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