Chapter 13 Part 2 | The King vs. The Man

May 13, 2024. Greenville, South Carolina. Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Monday Night RAW. Dakota Kai went one on one with Becky Lynch. King Kota versus The Man. Two women whose worth had to be fought for to be recognized by those with the power. Dakota proudly spent five years in NXT constantly proving her worth yet was never seen as main roster worthy until Damage CTRL gave her that opportunity. Becky got called up to the main roster yet was passed over until by her own hands did she ascend to become The Man and a bonafide main eventer.

This was the biggest match of Dakota's career to the date. If she defeated Becky Lynch in this non-title contest, that victory because of everything attached to The Man's namesake would ascend Dakota to even greater heights. Furthermore, there would be no denying her a championship match. A match she would have earned, unlike Becky's next challenger Liv Morgan. But beyond a rare title match opportunity, Dakota would forever hold the prestige of being one of the few who could say they defeated The Man in a singles match.

Before Dakota fought Becky, IYO SKY defeated Shayna Baszler to advance to the semi-finals of the 2024 Queen of the Ring Tournament where she'll face Lyra Valkyria. This was a comforting win for SKY whose rivalry with Shayna dates back to Stardom, yet SKY's only prior singles match win over Shayna was their first singles match on February 23, 2017 when she successfully defended the World of Stardom Title against her at Stardom: Stardom of Champions.

The time had finally come for Dakota Kai versus Becky Lynch. Dakota had IYO SKY and Kairi Sane in her corner. But they were not the only ones cheering on the leader of Damage CTRL, The Ladies Magnificent. Kairi Sane showed off a sign a fan had brought supporting King Kota and stating Damage CTRL runs RAW. Dakota took notice of the sign and smiled. Once the bell rang, Our Captain focused on the task at hand. King Kota brought the fight to The Man, smashing and kicking her for a time in dominant fashion.

After Dakota fought off the arm bar and traded pinfall attempts, Becky snatched control of the match by applying Dis-Arm-Her. This was the biggest match of Dakota's career. Our Captain was not going to tap out. Knowing that a serious, even career ending injury could befall Dakota, IYO and Kairi intervened resulting in the match being declared a no contest. Kairi and IYO laid it into Becky until Lyra Valkyria came to Lynch's aid.

This was not the record book victory Dakota Kai hoped for, however she still proved she could hang with Becky Lynch in their first ever singles match. The silver lining is that a no contest is favorable to a loss of any kind. Per this outcome, the better competitor of the two was not yet determined therefore Dakota Kai vs. Becky Lynch was To Be Continued.

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Additional Information | Women's World Champion Becky Lynch versus Dakota Kai (10:00) ended in a no-contest on the May 13, 2024 episode of Monday Night RAW from Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina.

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