Chapter 13 Part 7 | The Mess of The SKY

June 17, 2024. Corpus Christi. Texas. American Bank Center. Monday Night RAW. Damage CTRL has to change. That is what IYO SKY proclaimed seven days prior. It was a Declaration of Damage. The Ladies Magnificent were going to Make the World Burn. IYO SKY did come through for the group by defeating Zelina Vega & Kiana James in a 2024 Women's Money in the Bank Match Qualifier. Unfortunately, IYO didn't come through for Dakota Kai & Kairi Sane when they needed their friend during a tag team match against Katana Chance & Kayden Carter.

Seven days prior, IYO defeated Lyra Valkyria. Dakota & Kairi got in a couple shots after the match. Damage CTRL's beef with Lyra was done. They left the ring to go celebrate with IYO. But IYO wasn't satisfied, raging back into the ring to further roast Lyra. Kayden & Katana came down to back up Lyra. Kai & Sane versus Carter & Chance was only happening because of IYO's rage. It was likely Lyra would come down to rally on her new friends, which she did distracting Dakota which led to Carter & Chance getting the win with Our Captain being pinned.

Afterward backstage, Dakota questioned why Lyra had a continued beef with them. Instead of accepting responsibility, IYO shouted at Dakota then unfairly implied blame on Kai & Sane for losing when she herself deserves blame for not being there for her Sisters in Damage. Had IYO been there to help fix this mess she caused seven days prior after actually claiming to have fixed said mess by attacking Lyra after their match which didn't fix the mess because it actually created the mess... IYO could have warded off Lyra during the tag match.

SKY took her leave warning Dakota & Kairi that Damage CTRL has to change... or she will change things herself. I know that didn't sound very comforting. Nor respectful for IYO to act like the leader when Dakota Kai is the leader, not IYO SKY. If IYO wants to play leader, the least she could do is be out there supporting her sisters. Family problems, huh? Dark as the clouds may seem to some, I stand by what I said on May 20, 2024. Sisters. Family. These things happen. I remain optimistic. Everything will work itself out for Dakota Kai and her allies.

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Additional Information | Katana Chance & Kayden Carter defeated Dakota Kai & Kairi Sane (2:28) on the June 17, 2024 Monday Night RAW from American Bank Center in Corpus Christi. Texas.

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