The Year of The Captain 2016 | In Progress

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SHIMMER Volume 89 | Slap Happy's Last Stand
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Stardom | The Captain of Team Kick in Stardom

SHIMMER Volume 82 | Like the Good Ole Days

SHIMMER Volume 83 | Evie Meets Silver Lining

SHIMMER Volume 84 | Destination Tag Team Titles

SHIMMER Volume 85 | Slap Her Hand if Ya Can

MCW | Evie in Weekend Worriers 3

MCW | Kellyanne Come Out to Play

MCW | Three Way Showdown at the Saloon

MCW | The War to Hopefully Settle a Score

MCW | Kicks Do Make for a Good Brat Trap

SHIMMER 86 | Game of All-Stars

SHIMMER Volume 87 | It's Time...It's Veda Time

SHIMMER Volume 88 | Snack Fight Repeat

SHIMMER Volume 90 | Four For Finale

SHIMMER Bonus | Captain & Cohorts

MCW | That Glorious Wrestling Violence

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