Welcome to The Tale of Evie. Before she was Dakota Kai she was Evie. The Story of Evie entries so far explore some of her work from Shimmer, Shine, Melbourne City Wrestling and Impact Pro Wrestling. Her sole appearance as Evie in WWE NXT has been added too. I've been planning this since this site opened last year. I'm excited to finally be able to post entries.

I'm happy to also say The Tale of Nixon Newell is available. In the entries so far to The Story of Nixon Newell explore some of her work from Shimmer, Progress, EVE and more promotions. There are some things added to The Story of Tegan Nox too. Thanks to Hailey Rade on Twitter for planting the idea in my head to add this.

The screen captures from Shimmer, Shine, Progress, EVE, MCW, IPW and other independents all have full-size versions to download. In addition, I've upgraded all the Dakota Kai captures from Progress to full-size with plenty additions. I've spent time and effort on this because there aren't many resources for extensive screen captures from the independent work of Evie and Nixon. Hoping the full-size screen captures are of use to people for edits, artwork or whatever use you put them too. I want people to discover this content and put it to good use because that is why I spent time and effort on this resource.

I do ask if you use or repost the new screen captures to consider linking back to the site and/or the Twitter. Since I don't know if people will choose to read this and/or if they will look at all the entries, I've added a short message to the galleries I ask this for. A lot more work was put into this than past content. I want this site to become a useful resource so please be kind and consider linking back. Just make sure to not list the link back as a copyright since I don't own the images.

Finally getting to watch a lot of Cap's work as Evie has made me appreciate her work as a whole even more. It's a reminder how damn good of a professional wrestler she is -- especially as a babyface. She's proven in her 14 years in the business she's a great wrestler. Someone who can bump and sell with the best; get people emotionally invested in her work; and successfully be face, heel or tweener. She's just overall quality. That expression I often say about her work: She always fights her heart out. I think these first entries exemplify that.

The Shimmer matches reintroduced me to Dave Prazak who has long been an advocate for women's wrestling. More importantly: Women's wrestling being treated with respect.

From Evie to Dakota Kai -- I'll do my best to always respect and honor her work with this site. I hope you guys enjoy all the content that has been added and what is still to come.

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