What is The Tale of Nixon Newell Website All About
This is an unofficial fansite and photo resource about Steffanie Newell's work as Nixon Newell and Tegan Nox. Newell has NO involvement in this site which is completely operated by a fan. I want this to be a useful resource about her work. It's part of Team Kick Source that also covers Dakota Kai formerly Evie. Proud to say Cap and Nixon are my heroines. Newell is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and working under the ring name Tegan Nox.

What is Team Kick Source Overall
A Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai fansite that tells their stories through the usual extensive fansite photo galleries along with GIFS and reCaps mixing facts with spin doctoring, blatant bias and sometimes silly names for their villainous rivals. The design of Team Kick Source is old school with no shame. The galleries and reCaps are structured in such a way where the reCaps and related photo content are in chronological order that can be followed like a storybook. I wanted to try something hopefully unique and fun. The galleries are designed so it's easy to view a medium-size preview photo in order to save target (full-resolution) as instead of having to open multiple previews to reach the full-size photo.

Explaining The Biased reCaps
To do something different, the reCaps have a clear bias in favor of Dakota, Tegan and current allies. I write them as a character: The Chronicler of The Tale of Dakota Kai / Evie and The Chronicler of The Tale of Tegan Nox / Nixon Newell pending the site. It's all in good fun. I respect each and every performer involved in the storylines and matches. Any 'harshness' is said in Chronicler character and refers to the character not the performer. The same on the Twitter.

Why The Nickname The Absolute Unit & Is She Aware of This Website
Nixon calls herself an absolute unit on her social media. I thought it would be a fun nickname to use. I'm not presently aware if she has seen or knows about this site.

Contributions Including Content That Can Be Contributed
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Typical Legal and That Sort of Related Stuff Disclaimer
Tegan Nox & WWE content is (C) WWE. Nixon Newell is (C) Steffanie Newell. Other Content is (C) respective owners as noted on pages. This unofficial website is nonprofit & doesn't intend to steal copyrighted material. This fanmade website was built for educational purposes & photos are under use of the Fair Use Law.

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