Chapter 12 Part 6 | Feel the Damage

March 22, 2024. SmackDown. Just like the sly snake she is, Bayley tried to attack IYO SKY backstage prior to The Genius of the SKY's match against Naomi. SKY reacted in self defense laying out Bayley then went to the ring and successfully defeated Naomi. After the match, Bianca Belair yet again decided to stick her nose in Damage CTRL business because she claims Naomi is her friend. Damage CTRL beat down Bianca which Belair literally asked for by involving herself in a matter that she could have chosen to not involve herself in.

I will say, unlike that sucker Naomi at least Bianca has some brains for choosing to not forgive and trust Bayley. But Bianca is siding with Naomi against Damage CTRL which still makes her a fool and the enemy.

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Friday Night SmackDown 3/22

Additional Information | The happenings of SmackDown March 22, 2024 took place at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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